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    Cocoa Cabana



House Description

An alternate unpublished ending to “The Gingerbread Boy” story was unearthed in Bavaria from the musty basement of the story’s author. The tragic ending of the published version of the story, in which the gingerbread boy rides across the river on the back of the deceptive (and hungry) fox, is re-written in the unpublished version… this time with an unfortunate twist of fate for the fox.

In this alternate ending, ‘Gingy’ out-foxes the fox, by promising his furry friend a fine glass of cognac by the fire in his home, to warm his insides, and dry his wet coat of fur after crossing the chilly river….The unsuspecting fox is drawn by Gingy’s warm invitation to join him, and his family, in his chic mod (off-the-grid) ‘Cocoa Cabana’ in the forest….

….Gingy smiles, sits back in his favorite chair, thanks his luck…. and lets the smell of Xmas dinner fill his cabana.

Firm Description

Architecture and design have the power to greatly affect the way in which we interact with our environment and ultimately, how we live our lives. We believe a richer, more significant understanding of our world, and the way in which we are a part of it, can be achieved through re-thinking existing paradigms and challenging them through critical design. We are committed to designing buildings that minimize environmental disturbance, while at the same time maximizing innovation, craft, place-making, and our strive for memorable architecture.

Romses Architects Inc. is a collaborative studio made up of individuals who share a common commitment to providing high quality innovative design for our clients. We are an award-winning multi-disciplinary company that has experience and expertise in a broad number of design disciplines locally and internationally. Our studio has direct experience in the fields of architecture, planning & urban design, interior design, public art, and design education.


  • Scott Romses
  • Charlotte Romses
  • Hannah Romses
  • Special Technical/Structural/Nutritional Consultant: Kathy Romses




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